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Characters in Quarantine

What would quarantine look like for the Mystic Invisible characters? Well, magic is banned in Ft. William, Scotland so they're pretty much already be in their own type of lockdown, much to their chagrin. I imagine things would look something like this:

You'd find Monte defying curfew and sneaking out at night with his best mate, Finn.

The ever-obedient Garrick would do his due diligence and sequester himself not only to the estate, but to his bedroom, where his broody attitude would ripen into full on resentment.

And who knows what the mysterious Cameron would be up to. She'd probably disappear for a few weeks and then turn up in a cow pasture or field some 20 miles away, being the allusive dame that she is.

All in all, there'd definitely be some mischief afoot!


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