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Meet Monte

Welcome to the launch of Mystic Invisible. To kick off the upcoming release of the book, I'm introducing the misfit Mystics that make up our motley band. Let's celebrate with the fun, shareable content and artwork below!

Monte is our leading man in this coming-of-age tale. While I love all my characters, there is something very endearing about him, with maybe just a small dose of angst. Think of him as a hybrid between Percy Jackson and Peter Parker.

Shareable Art

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Download the Meet Monte infographic as an interactive PDF.

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Shareable Content


Witty, awkward, and lovable, Monte is finally of age in the Mystic world. Then his family moves to Scotland where unrest runs high and danger lurks around every corner. And oh yeah, the use of magic is forbidden, a perfect recipe for teenage boredom. But that doesn’t stop him from finding adventure and getting into a little (or a lot) of trouble along the way. @RyderHClancy #MysticInvisible #MonteDarrow #JoinTheHunte


Scotland. Where fantasy, mystery, and folklore abound.

A place of untold stories and forgotten paths.

A place where legends run awry. @RyderHClancy #MysticInvisible #JoinTheHunte


Whisperings of abnormal enchantments and vicious cat siths grip the scenic town of Ft. William. Ben Nevis, the great mountain and guardian of the land, is sickened with a dark power that gets blacker by the day. The Mystics must gain control of the growing threats in the area before the Norms find out. Yet somehow Monte and his friends manage to conjure their own set of conundrums. During a time when Mystics are supposed to be invisible, they do just the opposite. @RyderHClancy #MysticInvisible #JoinTheHunte


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