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Meet Garrick

Recently, I was asked which of the Mystic Invisible characters I most relate to and it's totally Garrick, no question. He's the serious and protective older brother, the "quiet" one with many dreams and ambitions. While I wouldn't consider myself quite as bold or uptight as he is, we still share many of the same personality traits.

Listen to Garrick's favorite tunes.

Garrick's playlist is something I put much thought into. It's a culmination of not only the very essence of this rather moody and stalwart eighteen-year-old, but also his themes and the role he plays in Mystic Invisible. I chose songs that encompass his personality and tendencies, his age, and the new land he now calls home. I hope you enjoy getting to know him through some of his favorite tunes.

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Sturdy, athletic, and intelligent, Garrick has as much might as Monte has courage. Best friend and older brother to Monte, he is a good companion if not a little uptight. He's not sure what to think of Scotland. The enchanting country has a lot to offer, but will it be too much for him? @RyderHClancy #MysticInvisible #GarrickDarrow #JoinTheHunte


Scotland. Where fantasy, mystery, and folklore abound.

A place of untold stories and forgotten paths.

A place where legends run awry. @RyderHClancy #MysticInvisible #JoinTheHunte


Whisperings of abnormal enchantments and vicious cat siths grip the scenic town of Ft. William. Ben Nevis, the great mountain and guardian of the land, is sickened with a dark power that gets blacker by the day. The Mystics must gain control of the growing threats in the area before the Norms find out. Yet somehow Monte and his friends manage to conjure their own set of conundrums. During a time when Mystics are supposed to be invisible, they do just the opposite. @RyderHClancy #MysticInvisible #JoinTheHunte


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