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Monte Darrow

Witty, awkward, and lovable, Monte is finally of age in the Mystic world. Then his family moves to Scotland where trouble resides and danger lurks around every corner. And oh yeah, the use of magic is forbidden, a perfect recipe for teenage boredom. But that doesn't stop him from finding adventure and getting in to a little (or a lot!) of trouble along the way.

Garrick Darrow

Sturdy, athletic, and quietly intelligent, Garrick has as much might as Monte has courage. Best friend and older brother to Monte, he is a good companion if not a little uptight. He's not sure what to think of Scotland. The enchanting country has a lot to offer, but will it be too much for him?

Cameron Basu

Smart, mysterious, and painfully quiet,  Cameron keeps everyone guessing. It's quite possible she holds the information that many others are seeking but it's all about keeping her around long enough to get the answers!

Finn Cornelius Smith

Curious and hungry for adventure, Finn is a bit of a troublemaker. The ultimate sidekick, he is a loyal friend and will stick with you even when things get dire. He's always up for some fun and still manages to get into plenty of mischief despite his Nanny's watchful eye and her rather extreme opinions. 

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